A Hero’s Welcome at Barkers Mill Elementary

December 10, 2021

Brody Sims was all smiles Friday morning as he pulled up to school. It’s not every day that a fifth-grader is brought to school in a fire truck. Clarksville Fire Rescue honored the Barkers Mill Elementary student after he rescued his four siblings from a house fire on Sunday, Dec. 5.

Three trucks from Clarksville Fire Rescue were flashing lights and sirens in the procession. Students and classmates stood at the front of the school, cheering as they arrived. Brody and his sister, Sydney, were each presented with a certificate and a commemorative coin from Clarksville Fire Rescue Chief Freddie Montgomery, Jr.

“We put a lot of effort into early education with these kids and teaching them about fire safety,” said Chief Montgomery. “It’s always a good thing when they have a good outcome like this.”

Both Brody and Sydney were recognized for their bravery and courage by the fire department. On Sunday, Dec. 5, the children’s parents went down the street to take care of their grandparent’s dogs. The children’s mother, Kimberly, told Clarksville Now they had only been gone five minutes when they received a frightening call.

According to Clarksville Fire Rescue, the fire started in the kitchen. Once the children realized what was happening, they jumped into action. Brody thought quickly and had Sydney dial 911 while he brought each of his siblings outside to safety.

On Friday, the school community embraced the 11-year-old with a true hero’s welcome. Soldiers from the 1-75 CAV, 2 BCT, 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell presented the Sims children with special recognition as well. The unit is a Partner in Education for the school and actively participates in events year-round.

The Sims children walked into school amid cheers from the active-duty service members, firefighters, school-level staff, and students. “It’s just wonderful,” said Lynne Rains, principal of Barkers Mill. “We are very proud of Brody!”